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Richmond, CA – As a huge admirer of the City of Richmond’s progressive and ever-improving Fire and Police departments, we love becoming involved with Richmond’s great citizens and employees. Richmond’s reputation for being a tough industrial city stands strong but it boasts much more than just industry, shipping docks, and excellent emergency services. Richmond, California is also one of the most bustling business communities in Contra Costa County. Many of these businesses have and are making ongoing efforts to keep their customers and clients safe. One of the ways they do so is by hiring CPR Education for their CPR and emergency training. Follow Richmond’s lead and pick up the phone today!         925-335-6076

Josh Sauberman is Richmond, California’s most requested CPR instructor. Providing classes in Richmond and Contra Costa County, Josh’s accommodating schedule and affordable classes have made him the top pick for CPR educators in the area.

Richmond Medical Services

There are a variety of medical facilities located in Richmond, California you should be aware of in case you find yourself in a medical emergency. This is why we have narrowed down a few of them here. The Bookside community Health Center (510) 215-5001, is a facility that offers great and complete medical treatments and is located at 1030 Nevin Avenue. Other medical facilities include the Contra Costa Health Services (510) 231-8600 located at 100 38th Street #1300, the Universal Hospital Services (510) 232-5335 located at 1090 South Marina Way and the Community Clinic Consortium (510) 233-6230 that is located at 3720 Barrett Avenue. If you are ever in need of a pharmacy, keep in mind the Central Pharmacy (510) 234-4381 or the Point Pharmacy (510) 232-7879 located at 139 West Richmond Avenue.

Richmond Emergency Services

In case of an emergency, you can call or head to the Contra Costa Health Services (510) 374-7330 located at 1501 3rd Street. The Richmond Fire Department (510) 307-8031 is located at 440 Civic Center Plaza and the San Pablo Fire Station (510) 223-4422 is located at 326 27th Street. In case you ever need the police assistance or any other type of police help, you can contact the Richmond Police Department (510) 233-1214 is located at 1701 Regatta Boulevard and the Richmond Police Commission (510) 307-8032 is located at 440 Civic Center Plaza. In Richmond there is also a department of the Marshall Trading Co (510) 232-3556 located at 855 Parr Boulevard.

General Information about Richmond, California

Richmond is a city in western Contra Costa County, California. It is located in the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay Area and it borders with San Pablo and with the unincorporated areas of North Richmond, El Sobrante and East Richmond Heights. At the 2010 U.S census the population was 103, 701, spreading over a total area of 52.5 square miles (136 km2), out of which 22.4 square miles (58 km2) represent water. The Richmond City Council consists of six Council members elected at large and a separately elected Mayor. The City Council member are not full-time City officials and retain their positions in private industry, business or personal enterprise.

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