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CABS – Child and Babysitting Safety Classes ?

Our CABS course is designed mostly for teens and young people who are looking to get into babysitting or childcare.

This course will prepare you for starting and manage a babysitting business.

You’ll learn how to protect both yourself and the kids under your care, along with everything you need to know to go about your various duties professionally, properly and safely.


What You’ll Learn:

Becoming a babysitter
• What is a babysitter

Preparing to babysit
• Thinking like a babysitter
• Being ready to babysit
• Babysitting business basics
• Getting to know the family
Staying safe
• Safety on the job
• Safe and supervised

When things go wrong
• Recognizing a problem
• Taking action
• Getting help

Taking care of kids

• Caring for kids and their
basic needs
• Hand-washing and hygiene
• Food preparation
• Diapers and helping kids use
the bathroom
• Playtime
• Managing challenging behavior
• Naps and bedtime

You can do it!
• Bringing it all together


Learn in a fun, friendly, and supportive environment with CPREdu. We work all around the Bay Area and can do group or individual classes. Check out our other courses here

Ring us on 925-335-6076 or write using the contact form below with any questions or to book your CABS course today!

Key Info:

Length: 3 hours

Course includes all necessary equipment
Certification Card (valid for 2 years)

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