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On Saturday, June 6, 2015 I joined one of my fellow firefighters for his shift with Medic Ambulance. He’s a paramedic and normally works 24 hour shifts, but was called in to cover a 12-hour shift that needed to be filled. I rode along and it was remarkably quite for the first seven hours, but just before midnight we received a call for a motor vehicle accident (MVA) where upon arrival, another ambulance was just departing with the passenger who was killed. He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.
At 2343 hours Fairfield firefigthers responded to a major vehicle accident at Beck & HWY12. Two patients were transported to local trauma centers, one with minor injuries and the other with major injuries. Posted by Fairfield Fire Department on Sunday, June 7, 2015
Less than an hour after delivering the driver (who was uncooperative) to the hospital, there was another MVA in the same city. This one was far worse as there were four people in the vehicle and it appears that only three of them may have been wearing their seatbelts. It’s unknown exactly what happened, although it appeared to me that the truck they were in most likely exited the highway far too fast, lost control and flipped a few times. Two of the passengers were ejected from the vehicle. I was called in to perform CPR on one of the ejected victims – a 29 year old nurse, who had clearly sustained massive injuries. The nurse and two of the three other victims died in this accident. The survivor sustained injuries including being scalped, but overall appeared in good condition compared to his friends. It seems he may have been the only one wearing a seatbelt. The Facebook posting is here, and more information is available at the links below.
At 0035 hours Fairfield firefighters responded to a second major vehicle accident involving a single vehicle. The second… Posted by Fairfield Fire Department on Sunday, June 7, 2015
Two People Dead in Fairfield Crash Three dead following crash on Highway 80 off-ramp