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Chris Schlesinger

Chris Schlesinger performing compression on a CPR manikin.

The Bay Area has a number of CPR Instructors out there, but it’s rare to find one with the outstanding reputation and record of Chris Schlesinger.  Chris has been an incredible friend and mentor to me since I originally started teaching CPR.  Much of my own business has been modeled after his and with good reason.  Chris is an enthusiastic and engaging instructor who uses real life stories, anecdotes and humor to keep his students interested.  It works.  His clients, both individuals and businesses alike continue to return to him year after year.   His website is:

Fortunately for both Chris and myself, his business has grown considerably and while he’s based out of Marin, he has recently opened a new location for teaching CPR in Redwood City.  This is great for him, because any business owner wants to see their business grow, but it’s great for me too, because Chris will often hire me to instruct for him when he’s double booked or needs assistance.

Though he teaches classes regularly in his classroom in San Mateo County, he started out specializing in taking the class to the customer.  I think it’s fair to say that with over a decade of CPR Instruction under his belt, Chris has taught thousands of classes on-site at individuals homes or in the conference rooms, training facilities, etc., of many Bay Area businesses.

I wish Chis tons of continued success and growth in his business!