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Pediatric First aid, CPR & AED

Learn to Protect children and infants in the first few minutes until Medical Services arrive.

Baby on a laptopLearning CPR to protect your child or infant doesn’t mean having to leave them alone to do so.  With the American Heart Association’s eLearning courses, you can learn right from the comfort of your home.  The online class can be done at your convenience and it may be completed in multiple sessions.  You don’t have to finish it all at once.

When you are finished, you’ll meet in person with one of our great instructors for the hands-on skills portions of the course.  This too can be done from the comfort of your home, or get away from it all, and come to our location.

The online course is quickly becoming a popular option for learning CPR, and if you need the course for a job, don’t worry – you get the same 2-year AHA certification as those taking the classroom course.  The card is exactly the same.   Get started!

Same Day CPR certificationIn desperate need of CPR certification or recertification today? … like right now!?   We understand.  While many CPR companies don’t provide same-day CPR certs, we can’t help but sympathize and we want to see you succeed.

We understand things happen, and sometimes you need a quick fix.  We’ll make every effort to get you trained and certified before your deadline.  CPR Education is here for you.  …but CALL NOW!

Call us at 925-335-6076 to schedule your in-home classLearning CPR can truly be a family event.  Gather up the kids, have grandma and grandpa over, get some snacks ready, and as a family in the comfort of your own home, learn CPR together.   Children as young as nine have been shown to effectively learn and perform CPR.

Four out of five cardiac arrests happen in the home!  This means the odds are good that if you have to use your skills, you’ll be doing so on somebody you love.  Feeling helpless is the worst thing in an emergency.  Saving a life is easier than you may realize.  Shedule your in-home class today!

A group of moms

A group of moms

Are you the social type?  Want to learn CPR with friend?  Great idea!  We can bring the class to your home or location, and when you have a group, everybody saves money!  Not only is learning more fun with those you know and love, but class doesn’t feel like “class”.  CPR parties are the fun new way for new moms groups, parents groups, or just friends and neighbors to learn CPR and have a good time doing it.

There is a lot of flexibility in the who, when, and where; so take advantage of that and host a CPR Party!  Call us today and we can help you plan it.

Groups & parties are easily the most enjoyable way to learn something new, and when you’re having fun, and you’re comfortable, you learn better.  Take advantage of this exciting opportunity and schedule your CPR group or party today.

Call Now: (925) 335-6076

Child Care & DayCare

Cal EMSA requires all licensed childcare and daycare providers to meet specific standards for Pediatric CPR & First-Aid training. We provide the training you need on-site at the most affordable prices in the Bay Area. We train via American Heart Association and American Red Cross.

Infant CPR for Parents

Knowing how to protect your baby in the event of choking, breathing problems, or other sudden emergencies is something all parents should have some training in.  Our Infant CPR & First-Aid Essentials course is specifically designed for you, and can be taught in the comfort of your own home.

CPR for Babysitters

When caring for a younger sibling or another family’s child, having the knowledge of CPR gives peace of mind to everyone.

Whether legally required for your job, or just working in an informal arrangement, life-saving skills protect our future.