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Firefighter Steve Box

Firefighter Steve Box, saved by CPR.

As a firefighter myself I sometimes wonder how much more stressful performing CPR on one of my fellow firefighters would be, than a stranger during a routine call.

On November 14, 2013 Firefighter Steve Box, 55, of the Tallahassee Fire Department was in the middle of a climbing a five story tower as part of the days training exercise when he suddenly lost consciousness.

His fellow firefighters quickly recognized what was happening, determined he was in cardiac arrest and initiated CPR which kept his brain and organs oxygenated long enough to get him to the hospital for more comprehensive care. They also used the AED to shock his heart back into a normal rhythm. In Box’s case the heart attack due to arterial blockage.

Firefighter Box told WTXL Photo journalist Anthony Murdock “I don’t think I can give you enough words to say how thankful I am. I’ll never forget them for the rest of my life. They will be embedded in my mind.”
Box adds that he now has a renewed passion to return the favor, return to work, and help save lives.

“…Praise God that they were here and did what they did.”  – Steve Box