Emergency Training to Fit Your Event or Workplace Needs

Hosting an event, planning a community safety fair, or just want to ready your family for any emergency?  We have plans to prepare you. 30 person plans below. Additional participants at $20/person, or for larger groups, call 925-335-6076 for pricing.  

Add the ultimate in life saving devices to your package, with an AED. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions we get include:

Are there attendance requirements?

There are no minimum or maximum requirements for these training sessions.  We recommend maximizing the number of participants, but group size is entirely up to you.  We will supply staff and equipment as needed for larger events.

Are time frames flexible? What about lunch?

We’ll provide breaks throughout the day and a formal or working lunch can be planned ahead of time.

Does this require an indoor or outdoor venue?

We’ll work with the venue you plan to host your event in, but some portions of the training may need to be modified, excluded, or approached in a discussion-only format depending on local laws, regulations, and your specific venue. 

Who's instructing these sessions?

Our staff is made up of a variety of medically trained professionals.  Many are firefighters and paramedics, while others are nurses, medical school students, and others working within the emergency medicine arena. 

Is this training appropriate for young children?

Most of this training is not appropriate for young children.  We do encourage children to begin learning CPR and First-Aid from a young age, but due to the nature of some topics covered and the length of the sessions, younger or less mature children are not advised.

How do we schedule an event?

Call us!  925-335-6076 is the line to reach us, but you may also email us.  The further out your event, the more likely we’ll be able to schedule you in.  Our staff are in demand.  Don’t wait!

Still have questions?

"There's no price for peace of mind. Just feeling mentally prepared and confident to take action in an emergency is so comforting."

– Stanley Jack 

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