Learn CPR At Home

In-Home CPR

Learn By Doing

Practicing with modern CPR manikins designed to provide you with real-time feedback, you’ll learn to perform compressions properly.  We train using Prestan brand manikins and you’ll know when your breaths are effective, your compresssions are deep enough, and when you need to speed up or slow down. Developing this muscle memory is a critical aspect of quality training.

Beyond the Books

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a big term, especially for kids.   We know this and we adapt our training to our audience.  If you’re looking to get your children trained in these life saving skills, we know how to provide training that is hands-on and intellecutally digestible, while keep the course fun, entertaining and engaging for some of the most distractable audiences. 

Getting Started

On-Site CPR Classes

Our CPR Trainers are accustomed to traveling to our clients.  It’s what we specialize in.  Whether you want training at home, at a place of worship, or at the office, we can bring the class to you.

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Mail For Inquiry



Just call or email.  We’re flexible with days and times.  Need a weekend or evening event?  We’re easy and we’ll make it work.


We’ll review all the little details such as cost, time frames, unique situations relevant to your family or children, and we’ll set a date.


Learn CPR & First-Aid!  And it won’t be dull.  Our instructors are experienced, caring and fun.  Plus, you’re welcome to have food.

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