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San Jose CPR & First-Aid Classes

San Jose, California — Effective CPR instruction helps save lives. No matter who you are, if you take a CPR course from a teacher who is committed to giving their pupils a high-quality education, you will benefit greatly and may even save a life one day.

After training with us, you’ll feel quite confident in your capacity to assist in a first-aid emergency and acquire the practical abilities necessary to handle everything!

No matter their background or current situation, everyone in the San Jose community could potentially depend on one another to provide first aid and CPR help, which should be given as soon as possible after someone is harmed.

A course from CPR Education will provide you with the instruction and direction you need to respond correctly and successfully to a cardiac, respiratory, or first-aid emergency.

CPR and first aid training, as well as renewal certifications, can be arranged near you. We offer CPR certification for businesses and organizations, AHA courses, BLS CPR, pediatric CPR, and professional group and individual classes. Check out all of our courses here.

We can fit in with the requirements of you or your organization. We usually get requests to bring the class to you, so whether you’re in an office or a just want a personalized class at home for family and friends, we can do something that fits around your needs. You won’t find a provider offering anything more flexible and convenient than that!

Josh Sauberman


Josh Sauberman has been a resident of the Bay Area since 2000 and loves meeting and instructing local individuals and organizations in high-quality CPR/AED & First-Aid Training.

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Americanf Heart Association CPR Classes and Certification

What We Offer:

✔️ American Heart Association Courses

✔️ Basic Life Support CPR

✔️ CPR Essentials

✔️ First-Aid Classes

✔️ AED Training

✔️ Official Certifications

✔️ Child-focused and Pediatric Courses

✔️ Fun and Professional Learning Experience

San Jose, California BLS Classes

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare providers is a required CPR certification for almost everyone in any medical roles.  For dentists, nurses and doctors, BLS (usually with an American Heart Association certification) is completely essential.  Not only is it one of the most fundamental certification requirements legally required to work in both clinical and field settings, it is a skill that everybody should master.  

Sometimes healthcare providers forget the basic, but critical set of skills over time.   From medical assistants to heart surgeons, everybody should have a strong competency in the basic life-saving CPR and AED use.

CPR definition

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving method that can be helpful in cases like a heart attack or a near-drowning, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat stops. The brain and other essential organs can continue to receive oxygen by CPR until additional medical care can be given. Chest compressions should always be performed first, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). If you feel that your knowledge and abilities aren’t at their peak or that your skills are a little rusty, keep in mind that the difference between doing nothing and acting could mean a difference in someone’s life. It is always preferable to act than to do nothing.

Here’s advice from the American Heart Association:

  • Untrained. If you haven’t had CPR training, perform hands-only CPR. That calls for continuous chest compressions of 100 to 120 per minute until emergency medical personnel arrive (described in more detail below). There is no need to attempt rescue breathing.
  • Trained and Prepared. Check for a pulse and respiration if you are well-trained and confident in your abilities. Start chest compressions if there is no breathing or a pulse after 10 seconds. Give two rescue breaths straight after 30 chest compressions to begin CPR.
  • Trained years ago – If you have CPR training under your belt but are still unsure about your skills, simply perform 100 to 120 chest compressions each minute. Please take note that only adults, kids, and babies older than four weeks should heed this advice. Newborns adhere to a different routine.
  • Take a certified CPR training course that teaches you how to utilize an automated defibrillator to learn CPR efficiently (AED). Call 911 if you are unskilled but need assistance right away, and they will give you instructions on how to perform CPR.

Ex-firefighters devised CPR education with the goal of making sure that as many people as humanly possible know how to perform CPR in case of an emergency involving a loved one who would need quick, life-saving care.


“Josh was great! His sense of humor amused my hubby… We enjoyed his stories pertaining to CPR. We highly recommend this course with Josh as your instructor.”

Marisa M. | Field Examiner

Useful Contact Numbers for San Jose

Because it’s vital to be aware of the medical institutions in San Jose, California, we’ve provided contact information for some of them below.

Medical Facilities

The Regional Medical Center of San Jose is a general medical facility nearby located that can help in any field of medicine.

Address: 225 North Jackson Avenue, San Jose, California 95116

Phone: +1 408-259-5000

If you find yourself needing a pharmacy, check out CVS Pharmacy located at:

Address: 2514 Berryessa Rd San Jose, CA 95132,

Phone: +1 408 272-1431

Emergency Services

Urgent Care First Street – El Camino Health

Address: El Camino Hospital at 4150 N First St, San Jose, California 95134

Phone: +1 408-871-5070

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic

Address: 2101 Forest Ave Suite 130, San Jose, California 95128

Phone: +1 408-283-7677

Why take a CPR Course in California with CPR Education?

Founded by ex-firefighters who devised CPR education with the goal of making sure that as many people as humanly possible know how to perform CPR in case of an emergency. This could even involve a loved one who would need quick, life-saving care.

  • Flexible – we’ll come to you!
  • A team comprised of skilled firefighters and paramedics
  • We provide a variety of education classes, including:
    • AHA Heartsaver classes
    • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Paramedics, Nurses, and other Healthcare Providers
    • Help with OSHA and EMSA compliance

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