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Same Day CPR Certification

In desperate need of CPR certification or recertification today? … like right now!?   We understand.  We can’t promise we can see you today, but if at all possible, we will.  We understand things happen, and sometimes you need a quick fix.  CPR Education is here for you. While many CPR companies don’t provide same-day CPR certs, we can’t help but sympathize and we want to see you succeed.

Same Day CPR Prices

Our last-minute prices are often the same price or lower as most of our competitors.  We keep our prices so reasonable, but eliminating the goody-bag items many companies use as incentives to sign-up.  Rather than offer a class for $140 and include a key-chain and a granola bar, we offer a $95 class without the treats, but you get to keep your job or apply for the one you need your cert for in the first place.  Yeah, we’re a little no-frills, but we get the job done.   Call us today and we’ll get your back too.  925-335-6076

CPR on the same day – What’s the catch?

The catch is two things:
  1. Whether you forgot to do it earlier, or it was put upon you late, if you need the training today, you may not get it.  We’ll do what we can to get you certified, but we can’t make any promises.  Same day CPR certifications are entirely dependent on our trainers schedules, but our philosophy is “If we can, we will”.
  2. Same day CPR will cost more.  Just like you we have busy lives and there is a premium on having is drop what we doing and become immediately available.  We care about helping our clients in a pinch, and we’ll accommodate when possible, but yes it will cost more.

All Classes are American Heart Association 2-year certifications.

Same Day CPR Fee Schedule

Same Day BLS

BLS for Healthcare Providers Both initial and renewal certifications fall under this category. When you just found out that you’re late for that CPR renewal and you can’t work the night shift without it, sign-up and let’s make it happen.


Same Day CPR/AED

Heartsaver CPR/AED Trying to get into that EMT program? Need a last minute CPR cert for your CNA class? You’re going to have to work for it and you’ll need to call now. CPR training takes time and we’ll make sure you know how to do it right.


Same Day First-Aid

Heartsaver First-Aid Taking the troop camping trip, but need First-Aid training? The Heartsaver First-Aid course covers dozens of potential first-aid scenarios. Call us and now and we’ll guide you today, so you can guide them tomorrow.


Same Day Pediatric

Pediatric First-Aid/CPR/AED This class is specifically designed for day care and child care providers. Babysitters will often take this class, though they may also take the regular CPR class depending on their needs. Adult CPR is optional.