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Terms of Service for CPR Education

Pre-Payment and Refund Policy

  1. Payments must be made in advance to secure the date and resources for the training session.
  2. The payment should cover the cost for the minimum number of students expected in the training class.
  3. After the class, a revised invoice will be sent if there are additional students beyond the initial expected number. This invoice may also include additional expenses such as parking, tolls, and other job-related expenses.
  4. If a refund is due after the class, it will be processed minus a service charge. The service charge is calculated as a percentage of the refund amount. The percentage varies depending on the original payment method:
    • For payments made by check or Zelle, the service charge is 1% of the refund amount.
    • For payments made by ACH, the service charge is 2% of the refund amount.
    • For all other payment methods, the service charge is 6% of the refund amount.
  5. In case of cancellation your payment is:
    • 94% refundable with 10+ days notice
    • 50% refundable with 3-9 days notice
    • Forfeited with less 72 hours notice
  6. In case of rescheduling,  your payment is:
    • Fully transferable with 7+ days notice
    • 75% transferable with 4-6 days notice
    • 65% transferable with 2-3 days notice
    • 50% transferable with less 72 hours notice
  7. Some blended learning courses may have non-refundable components.

Please note that these terms are subject to change. We recommend reviewing our Terms of Service regularly for any updates.

For Questions, changes or cancellations, call us at 925-335-6076 or email Jacquie ( or Josh (