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AED's Save Lives

Using an AED within the first minutes of cardiac arrest multiplies success rates and can save lives.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”

– Ralph Marston

AED Brands

CPR Education employees will help you figure out the right AED for your needs.

Not only are we experienced in using AED’s, we’re also well versed in determining which is the most make-sense product to align companies and individuals with.

Whether you’re Fortune 500 company or an individual homecare provider, one of our people will personally assist you in determining which AED makes the most sense for your circumstances.


Lightweight, highly durable, super easy to maintain, and easy to use, Heartsine is an outstanding choice for small businesses and families.


Simplicity and ease of use, combined with high-tech features such as video screens, and upgradability define Defibtech.


A favorite of emergency medical professionals, Zoll has a strong name and AED’s to match. Zoll is a true pioneer of AED’s for EMS.


The biggest name is the AED world, and a wide range of reliable life-saving products, Phillips may be the most recognized defibrillator.

Cardiac Science

Maker of the Powerheart G5, and AED’s that can be switched from English to Spanish with the push of a button, Cardiac Science shines.


EMT’s have been seeing success with Physio-Control AED’s for years and this trend is only growing.  One of the first and still easy to use.