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CPR & First-Aid LGBT specials

In celebration of LGBT pride month, CPR Education wants to offer members of the LGBT community and it’s supporters 15% off of all trainings scheduled during the month of June!  The classes may be scheduled for any day or time, but must be booked with $100 refundable deposit paid during June 2019 to be elligible for this discount.

Why do this at all?

Make Your Mark

Too many people stand by while bad things happen. Don’t be left feeling helpless in someones time of need. We can all save a life. We can all make a difference.

In-Home Classes

Home is where the heart is.  Host your family & friends and make it a party.  CPR classes shouldn’t be dull.  Food, drinks, laughter and learning can all be part of this experience.

We're all connected

You never know who’s life you may effect. You never know who you’ll meet or where this learning opportunity could take you. Here’s a chance to say ‘Yes’ to something good.

Inclusion & Love

People don’t think of CPR or First-Aid as an LGBT issue.  It’s not – it’s a human issue.  This months discounts are intended to be inclusive. Gay, Trans, Straight, Bi, Pan, Ace, Queer… everyone.

Josh Sauberman

I’m Josh Sauberman, owner of CPR Education, and I have family and friends in the LGBT community.  My  brother Ben and his partner Nick, both trans men, were the primary motivations behind my wanting to offer such a rare discount to this community.  It’s my way of showing my support as an ally and celebrating LGBTQ pride. 

I’ve helped Ben and Nick at Pride events throughout the country (Outer Peace Gear) and have enjoyed it immensely.  This is a special community.  This is a special community.  It’s safety and wellness matter to me, and this is my way of contributing to it’s wellbeing.