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CPR trained father saves daughters life.

Marco & Jacqueline Ortiz with CPR instructor Karen Rose.

CPR classes are the sort of thing that people think “Yeah, I should sign up for that”, and then they don’t. It costs money… it takes a few hours… it might save your daughters life… wait – what was that last one!?

If you were to ask Marco Ortiz of the Lafayette Park Hotel if CPR training was worth his time; well the answer would be easy. Some time after his employer sponsored a CPR class for it’s employees, Marco was at home with his family when he noticed his daughter Jacqueline was missing. Frantically he looked for her finding her face down in the cold water of their pool. He was in the pool in no time, pulling her lifeless body from the water, and beginning the CPR compressions and breathing techniques he’d learned in class. It took ten minutes for paramedics to arrive – more than enough time to render any person not breathing, brain dead. But that’s not what happened here.

After a few minutes, little Jacqueline began moving again, and soon was spitting up pool water and crying (the most beautiful sound in the world at a moment like this) and Marco Ortiz had saved his daughters life.

Emergency crews praised Dad’s fast response, but Dad praised his CPR instructor, Karen Rose who taught him the skills that ultimately saved Jacqueline Ortiz’s life.

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