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Safety Training Seminars on the topics of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and AED use are available throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Teaching these classes are instructors who are experienced in emergency management training. In fact, they’re usually EMT’s, Paramedics, Nurses, ER Techs, Firefighters, and even Police Officers.


Where Can You Get Free CPR Classes?

Free CPR classes are something people often look for, but American Heart Association CPR Certification is not something that most instructors can afford to give away.

On occasion, you may be able to find a free CPR class offered as a promotion that’s intended to drive traffic to a particular store or event. However, in those cases, the class is usually not offering AHA certs.

Why Does The AHA Certification Matter?

The answer as to why and how much AHA certification matters depends on your needs.

Safety training seminars offering CPR training from alternate organizations (ASHI, for instance) are fine if you don’t need the kind of comprehensive education stipulated under AHA standards.

The AHA level is what’s required by many employers – so that’s something to consider if you’re looking to get certified for work.  In most cases, employers will require candidates to have received a formal certification with 2 years of validity, earned through a certified American Heart Association training center or site.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that most other organizations that offer CPR and AED training are basing their programs on the AHA’s curriculum anyway.

Even the Red Cross bases their CPR training on what has been recognized as the world standard in CPR training and education: The American Heart Association’s.

Things to consider when choosing a CPR Training & Certification seminar:

  1. Does the provider offer AHA 2-year certification?
  2. Does the provider have good reviews and a reputation for high quality training?
  3. Are they easy to reach by phone or email, both before and after class
  4. Are their prices reasonable and competitive, but realistic for the training you’re receiving?

For help answering these questions or scheduling your own safety training seminar, call us here at CPR Education on 925-335-6076.